Water means life and pure water brings health said Audrey Hepburn. All things considered he was totally saying the truth. Water is crucial element for numerous reasons.  We shall begin with us: people are made of more than fifty to seventy percent of water depending on the structure of the body. Water is in charge of a huge number of various functions of our organism.

For example, to regulate the body temperature, to transfer both oxygen and food to the body cells, to dissolve minerals and foods, to boost the metabolism, to protect our organs and also tissues, to lubricate our joints and many others. Also, increases our digestive system.

If you ever questioned if water may be helpful in losing weight than the answer would be “of course!” As indicated in a research printed in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, consuming seventeen ounces of water boosts metabolic ratio for thirty percent in healthy ladies and men. The greatest result was achieved thirty to forty minutes after the patients took the water.

How about we take in consideration another research that is focusing on the water abilities in  the process of losing weight. Scientists from the University of Birmingham in the UK organized an experiment that lasted for twelve days and eighty-four fat adult individuals were given the elementary slimming information and then divided in 1 of the 2 teams.

The 1st team had to take around sixteen ounces of water thirty minutes before they had a meal and the other team had to just really fast imagine that they are sated before every dish. At the end, it was concluded that the first team lost 3 pounds more compared to the other team.

Well this should be an excellent information for people who want to slim a couple of pounds, however everyone ought to take enough water, 6-10 cups on daily basis- no matter what. Before we dig deeper in how are water and slimming connected we should quickly list the different health qualities water has:

  • Keeps People cautious
  • Avoids Headaches
  • Stimulates our Cognitive Capacities
  • Protects the Heart

In the case that you are one of the many who wants to lose weight than you need to know that hydration is very important. Not only feeding our body before, in the time of and after some physical action but also we need to know how much water do we drink daily.

This is crucial, because the right amount of water supports the proper function of our metabolism and also decreases the food cravings. In this writing we will give you a formula that will help you calculate how much water you need to drink, a  numerical categorization to serve you as an example.

Caution: there is no need to be strict in your water drinking amounts, just be as close as you can.But if you wish to consume the exact water amount feel free to do it. Cups for measuring will be beneficial in any case.


To Begin With, These Are The Formula Moves Along With Quick Instructions On Why You Should Drink This Amount Of Aqua To  Efficiently Lose Weight:

Step One: the weight

Clearly, it is crucial that you have an exact number of your weight in order to calculate the optimal amount of water you need to drink.  This step is essential because as the number of kilos increase the water amount will rise also. In the case  that the scale gives you a decimal number, you should round down if four or lower and round up if five or more. Moreover, if you use analog scale, take the most precise reading feasible.

(For instance, 200.4 pounds equals two hundred pounds. 200.5 is going to be rounded to two hundred and one.)

Step Two: Divide the number of weight in two halves

In the case that you get a decimal number just round it. The result

Represents the number of  water ounces you should drink. (for instance, two hundred and one pounds/ 2=100.5 and rounded will be 101 ounces.)

Step Three: Determine your level of physical activity

How much we are active is very important since is in a direct relation with the drinking of water. If we work out or do any physical activity the organism naturally discharge aqua and we should made up for it. You ought to include sixteen ounces for each half an hour of exercising.

Step Four: Calculate your water consumption

It’s easy, just add the gained numbers in step one and two.

This is for instance how will your calculation formula look:

  1. Weight number: 201 pounds
  2. 201/2= 101 (rounded) ounces
  3. Half an hour of work out per day = sixteen ounces
  4. Hundred and one ounces plus sixteen ounces equals a hundred and seventeen ounces (around ten to twelve ounce cups of water)

This Is The Amount Of Water The Body Requires In Order To Slim:

Weight                       Intake             # of 12-ounce servings

80 lbs.                        40 oz.             3

90 lbs.                        45 oz.             4

100 lbs.                      50 oz.             4

110 lbs.                      55 oz.              5

120 lbs.                      60 oz.             5

130 lbs.                      65 lbs.            5-6

140 lbs.                      70 oz.             6

150 lbs.                      75 oz.              6

160 lbs.                      80 oz.             7

170 lbs.                      85 oz.              7

180 lbs.                      90 oz.             8

190 lbs.                      95 oz.             8

200 lbs.                      100 oz.          8-9

210 lbs.                      105 oz.           9

220 lbs.                      110 oz.           9

230 lbs.                      115 oz.           10

240 lbs.                      120 oz.           10

250 lbs.                      125 oz.           10-11


We will give you several useful advices that will aid you in accomplishing your water consumption.

  1. Take 2 eight ounce glasses of water just before each dish. It makes forty-eight ounces of water.
  2. In the morning and before sleep take 1 sixteen ounce glass in order to intake thirty-two ounces more.

(Caution: in the case you worry that you will get up during the night to go to the toilet than take the extra ounces in the morning.)

Well, if you are wiling to follow the former advices you will get eighty ounces of your water consumption.  You will be able to achieve your  daily objective  very easily.

Source: powerofpositivity.com

Water means life and pure water brings health said Audrey Hepburn. All things considered he was totally saying the truth. Water is crucial element for numerous reasons.  We shall begin with us: people are made of more than fifty to seventy percent of water depending on the structure of...